Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dynamism of Educational System

Education is an important aspect in the country today. It shapes the individual and hence the country as a whole. The earlier emphasis was on primary and secondary education. With time, tertiary education has been enhanced as well; the measures have been taken in the same regard. The requirements include capita, syllabus pertaining to the latest advances subject - wise and the set up balanced with the socio-economic status of the country.
Higher education is made available to students by both the government and private funding bodies. At a time when the government funding is backed by poor infrastructure, facilities as well as a drive to pool in students to venture into the new facility and uptake higher education, the education commission decided to bring in the private and foreign collaborations. As a result, although there has been an increase in the number of student enrollments, educational institutions and employability of mentors over the years there is a long way ahead before the significance of higher education sets into the mind of the youth.
The deferring opinions amongst students with regard to a higher degree and the wavering economic pattern in the country could be relatable. The ideal aim of any student who decides to master in their respective stream is to utilize their learnt skills productively alongside learning newer ones. Skilled and trained personnel are the ones who're hired at top companies and industries and there is an urgent need to increase the number of such preferred lot. Recession hit the country in the year 2009 and its effects imparted damaging consequences. Although, it is a wise decision to take up a study course so as to make the most of the situation during a depression, it is devastating to remain unemployed after possessing a higher qualification. With the job scenario being unpredictable, such is the case and a large number of intellectual pools are redundant. The number of jobs is on a low and at times the companies prefer hiring a person of a lower degree thereby bringing a restraint on the financial aspect.
Such dynamism can lead to an unpredictable student enrollment number in the near future. The private funded bodies have a better student intake with regard to the government funded ones as the set framework is tight. Such a change could be adopted by the government funded structures with an intention to improve the student number. While the government funded bodies have poor facilities, the private pose a higher educational fee. Although, such is afforded by the upper middle class and affluent lot of students, the ones belonging to a poor economic background are affected. The right to a good quality education is for all without a divide and hence many changes need to be introduced to bring system of order in educational set up.
A change can always be uncomfortable especially when least expected. Once it is embraced, the alteration and its effects can be balanced. The same applies to any sector, even education. Higher education pattern needs to change because its aim is to hone people of the given skills and build their career to a lasting degree creating dynamism in their approach and understanding.

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